Monday, May 1, 2017

5 new features - April

It's May 1st! We hope you are enjoying the spring? ... we sure do!

... Not because of the rainy and slightly cold weather we have had in Aalborg, Denmark, in April, but because of the longer days, and all the time we now have to do what we really love - creating new features for you ;)

This month we have some cool features for all the AskCody Add-in users, the sweet receptionists, and for anybody who wants a little more help with their AskCody services.

So, I hope we can brighten your day a little with this month 5 new features..

Happy reading!

The best 5 features we have developed for you this month...

1. From / To date-fields have been added in the Welcome+ Add-in and Manager

When marking your guest as a "multiple days guest" in the Welcome+ Add-in, you can now choose a date "from" and "to". The dates will be shown in the Welcome+ Manager, visible for the receptionist, and the dates will appear on the printed guest label.

* Expected from / to date-picker showed in Welcome+ Add-in *

* Expected from / to date showed in Welcome+ Manager*

* Expected from / to date showed on printed label *

2. Access all the AskCody Add-ins directly in the top ribbon in Outlo

No more searching after the Add-ins, or clicking different buttons to get access to the Add-ins. Now you can access each Add-ins directly in the ribbon in Outlook.

Unfortunately the Add-ins will not just magically appear in the ribbon of your Outlook, it requires that you or your IT department re-deploy the manifest URL for each of the Add-ins. AskCody has once sent the URL's for the IT department.

Can't you find them, please contact support to get them resend and you'll be up and running in seconds!

It's pretty cool right?

3. The AskCody Plug-ins (for Outlook 2010) can now change an appointment to a meeting in Outlook 

This might sound logical, but if you need to book a meeting room and don't want to invite any attendees, you simply add your meeting room to your appointment. But, this means that you don't actually book your meeting room - and that is not good! 

We have now changed this, so the second you add your meeting room with the RoomFinder to your appointment, the appointment will change to a meeting, and your meeting room will be booked when pressing "send". Nice right? 

We hope this will end the misunderstandings for Outlook 2010 users.

* the picture below show "The old way" *

* the picture below show "The new way" *

4. Added note-field in Meeting+ Manager

When a user adds a note to their delivery of catering or additional services in the Meeting+ Add-in in Outlook, the note will now be shown in the list in the Meeting+ Manager, so that all information is front and center for the people in the kitchen.

5. New and improved support widget in the AskCody Manager
You might have noticed the little round and blue question-mark in the bottom of the AskCody Manager?

That is your "Support widget"! The Support-widget is now even more informative and helpful than before. So, login to your Manager to try it out.