Monday, December 19, 2016

Updates in November

Hi there!

Merry Christmas!

Just because December is a busy month, it doesn't mean that you don't get your monthly "5 new features from AskCody" update on the blog.

Take a look at the cool new features, and try them out now!


Last months most important updates

Drop-down delivery in Meeting+ - Get a quick overview of all items of each delivery directly on the front page of "Current Deliveries" in the AskCody Meeting+ Manager. Just click on the order, and it will fold out.

4 statistic metrics in Welcome+ - In the top of the AskCody Welcome+ Manager you now have 4 metrics that tell you "How many guests have checked in today," "How many expected guests do we have today," etc.

Improved usability in RoomFinder - We have removed a step in the RoomFinder Add-in, so you no longer need to press "OK" when adding a room to your meeting.

Easier access to Add-ins in Office 365 Outlook - If you are using the Online Office 365 Outlook it is now possible the access all your Add-ins directly in the top bar in Outlook. Great job Microsoft!


New map and icon designs for the WayFinder - It Is now possible for new WayFinder customers to choose between different map templates, colors and icon banks.