Monday, November 2, 2015

Introducing: AskCody’s new playmate KONXION

At AskCody we are always looking for new exciting partners and collaborations, or as we call it “playmates”, to keep our innovation level high and explore new possibilities. The results of these collaborations are often magical and help us provide better solutions and experiences for our users.
 We have teamed up with KONXION and so far it has been a success!

KONXION is a modern digital agency that offers a platform, Ultimize Web, for administering websites, apps, and social media across multiple platforms. They specialise in social media communication and handle marketing for some of the biggest companies in Denmark. In other words: KONXION is the ultimate digital agency.

We saw a potential for providing AskCody’s services as an integrated part of KONXION’s digital platform, so we could offer the costumer and end user an even more complete and robust solution.
Together, we have already made our first client Kolding Storcenter happy by providing a total indoor wayfinding solution on touch screens and with smartphone integration, to help guests and shoppers find their way to the perfect shop, boutique, or restaurant.

You can see and try the solution here: 

AskCody WayFinder at Kolding Storcenter

Kolding Storcenter is a shopping mall with over 120 shops, a cinema, and a big department store. To give guests at Kolding Storcenter the best possible experience when navigating the mall, AskCody has provided the software for four cool interactive touch screen monoliths. AskCody WayFinder for smartphones is also an integrated part of the solution.

When entering the mall, guests can easily get an overview of the floor plan and interact with the WayFinder on the touch screen to find their way to the right shop or the service they need. When browsing around, mall guests and shoppers can use the WayFinder on smartphones.
 The map is designed with colors that match the names of the malls roads (Blue Street, Red Road), so the guests have a reference to what they see in the mall.
 This gives an altogether great experience!

Because of the great collaboration between KONXION and AskCody, Kolding Storcenter will, in time, be able to control their webpage, their social media, and their wayfinding solution in one place through one integrated platform.
This makes it incredibly convenient and easy for Kolding Storcenter to manage all the services together, and it has huge potential that all customer-related services like webpage, social media, and wayfinding, are integrated into one solution.

AskCody at KONXION’s social event: Social Media Summit 2015

The collaboration between AskCody and KONXION didn’t stop at Kolding Storcenter.
At AskCody we helped KONXION at their yearly social media event “Social Media Summit” by handling visitor management for the event. With Welcome+ and the “expected guest” feature, we checked in all the guests via email or text message.

Furthermore, AskCody provided the event with our biggest ActivityView yet as seen on a cinema display (not the one from Apple!), with a cool integrated Instagram feed where all guests could upload pictures from the event directly to the screen by using the hashtag #SMSDK on instagram.

It was a fantastic event with a lot of interesting keynotes, great people, and delicious food throughout the whole day.
No doubt about it, we are going again next year!

We look forward to more exciting adventures and to connect more people with places and events, together with KONXION!