Monday, May 18, 2015

Support Your Brand Identity with Customized AskCody Solutions

Learn more about how Herschend Family Entertainment, Opportunity HUB, and others use customized AskCody® solutions to support their brand identities.

In the modern business world an organization’s brand image can be as important as the goods or services it produces. A strong brand image is a powerful asset, and a recognized and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the organization is dependable. 

Organisations can improve the overall experience of their brand even further with customized AskCody solutions, for visitors as well as staff, by for instance changing images on the digital room signs or even the physical cover of the product.

Above AskCody VirtualReceptionist has been customized for Westbury National’s IMAGINE Showcase in Toronto (right), and at the Opportunity HUB co-working space the AskCody Welcome+ guest registration system (center) has been customized, not only from a SW perspective but also physically by leveraging the beautiful Armodilo “Sphere” desk stand with the OHUB logo laser edged into the face plate.

The pictures below illustrate how Herschend Family Entertainment has chosen to customize their digital room signs, AskCody Today+, for their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
Herschend Family Entertainment is the largest family owned themed-entertainment company that operates several theme parks and tourist attractions across the United States. Herschend Family Entertainment chose to support their overall company mission “Creating Memories Worth Repeating ®” by using themes from some of their most popular theme parks and brands, Dollywood, Wild Aventures, Harlem Globetrotters, and more, in their portfolio to represent their meeting rooms. This solution is a fun, visual and creative way of using the identity of their brands to create a better experience at their offices, for staff and visitors alike.

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