Monday, May 11, 2015

AskCody is leading the way in Canada

AskCody® is leading the way at the Westbury National IMAGINE showcase, where widely respected experts like Paul Zielie, Cory Schaeffer and more than 700 guests were attending.

On April 28th, 2015, Westbury National, one of Canada’s leading AV solutions companies, was hosting their first Technology Showcase event, IMAGINE, at the Carlu in Toronto. The event was a unique opportunity to see, touch and interact with the latest innovations in audio, audiovisual, and lighting technology, with names like Panasonic, Christie Digital and AMX. With more than 700 guests attending, AskCody made sure that the guests easily could find their way to the more than 50 exhibitors that were presenting at the event, and providing the reception with a full overview of the event’s guests, by effortlessly checking them in and out.

3 Welcome+ solutions, a WayFinder and a VirtualReceptionist, was all the IMAGINE Event needed to make sure that the +700 guests got the best experience navigating through the inspiring new technologies and latest innovations.

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Many thanks go out to Westbury National for having us, for Convergent Media Systems leading the booth and demonstrating our solutions, and everybody else that was involved in making the IMAGINE Showcase a fantastic event and awesome showcase of the AskCody solutions.