Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where the WOW was definitely NOW!

AskCody at Digital Signage Expo 2015. 

The title for Digital Signage Expo 2015 was: The WOW is NOW. And the WOW was definitely there! It was amazing.

Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015 returned to the Las Vegas Convention Center with the most diversified digital signage and digital out-of-home trade event yet showcased. With more than 200 exhibitors featuring technology and services including digital signage hardware, software, network, delivery and content from around the globe, DSE 2015 was the largest Digital Signage Expo to date.

DSE 2015 was the perfect venue to demonstrate our latest innovations and features of the AskCody platform, to network and to meet with new and exciting clients and partners.

We have tried to capture and summarize our experiences at the Expo in Las Vegas to give you an idea of the show, the new features and solutions we presented and the overall feeling from 3 great days in Vegas with the amazing team from Convergent Media Systems.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like on an Expo the day before the show begins? (Organized) Chaos!

It’s a chaos of people, screens, cables, boxes, lifts, and a LOT of testing. But it’s so fun. The Convergent Team at our booth did an amazing job. And so did all the other exhibitors as well. The night before the show the last screens got polished for the last time and everything was ready for the main event.

What is DSE?

Digital Signage Expo is the largest and longest running event exclusively dedicated to
digital displays, interactive technology and digital communications networks.  The exhibitors at DSE consisted of hardware and mount manufactures like SAMSUNG, Sharp, LG, Peerless and NEC, AV integrators like Convergent Media Systems, Visix and Four Winds, and software and content companies like AskCody.

“It’s 10 o’clock and DSE is now open. Welcome to the show”.

And so it begins!

We had two amazing days with visitors from all over the globe to experience the AskCody platform live. We got such great feedback. Our partner, Convergent, made such a great effort to make us look good.

We displayed the WayFinder solution with smartphone integration, Welcome+ (Visitor management and visitor check-in) and our digital productivity signage solutions Today+ and ActivityView. To showcase the diversity and flexibility of the AskCody platform, the solutions were running across both Windows based as well as Android and iOS based devices.

Introduction of new features

WayFinder 360 ̊

For the show we launched the new AskCody® WayFinder™ - the ultimate wayfinding solution for large and dynamic indoor environments and the world’s first cross-platform indoor wayfinding solution that works seamlessly across smartphones, apps, touch screens, kiosks and all browsers with all features enabled across all screens, devices and platforms.

For the DSE show the main new features for the WayFinder was the 2-finger input that lets you rotate the map 360 ̊ - both on kiosk and on your smartphone – along with the accessibility mode. The 360 ̊ feature ensures that the map is dynamic and that you can turn it to points in your direction, which makes it easy to navigate. The accessibly mode ensures different and appropriate routes for visitors with disabilities.

Also we demoed the fully integrated smartphone integration were you easily can find your way at hospitals, airports, corporate environments and universities using your smartphone.

Today+ Advanced

On day two of DSE we launched the new and improved digital meeting room sign with productivity and utilization features like “confirm meeting”, “end meeting”, “release room”, “extend meeting”, “quick booking” and extensions like “Meeting description”  and “Attendee list”. All integrated into Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365, as well as Google Calendar.

All these new features will enhance the utilization of your meeting spaces along with improving the overall experience of a premium corporate office.

The new Today+ Advanced will be ready for delivery mid April. Stay tuned on

Thanks for an amazing event!

We owe a big “Thank you” to the team of dedicated people from Convergent. Great team spirit and great effort! Well done boys (and girl) - you did a really good job!

Also a big thank to the whole AskCody team and the back-office support that made the new features available for the exhibition and made our solutions shine.