Saturday, February 21, 2015

If you haven't already considered digital signage for improving productivity and happiness at your office read this and then consider once again!

If you haven't already considered digital signage for improving productivity and happiness at your office read this and then consider once again!

Today more and more companies compete for new employees, not only on salaries or benefits, but on the work environment. Great furniture, modern colors, look and feel creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Now you can also help your employees stay productive by intelligent meeting room signs!

Here are some easy ways you can add to the above and help your employees stay productive - and even improve their happiness too.

The key to a great overall digital solution is to present the right information at the right time and place - for visitors and employees alike. Especially when visitors have to find the right meeting or employees have to find an unoccupied meeting room.

The best productivity based digital signage solutions should be intelligent and integrate with your calendar system like Outlook or Google Calendar, letting meetings and events be displayed automatically, making the signage solution free of any manual updates.

Free up resources for front desk employees

This will free up resources for front desk employees to do their job rather than helping visitors find their way, and creates a great first impression of the company – displaying an easy-to-read overview of today’s activities and helping people find their way to the event they are attending.

With digital signage integrated into your calendar system, this also helps employees finding unoccupied meeting rooms, making ad-hoc meeting room bookings easier, and provides a simple and efficient overview of today's events in that particular room.

11 ways to improve productivity, employee happiness and meeting room efficiency! 

1] Create a productive work environment

Think of ways that make things easier - like helping people to find the right room or make reservations easier by linking digital signs directly into your calendar/booking system like Outlook or Google Calendar.

2] Provide an instant overview

Just like the airport shows you arrivals and departures at a glance, consider putting up digital overview signage that shows everyone which meetings are going on in which rooms. It makes it easier to find your meeting and where to go.

3] Make sure people know they've made it to the right room

Putting up digital door signs that link into your calendar shows you the schedule of the day for the meeting room and confirms that you've made it to the right room.

4] Know when a room is available or occupied

Large overview signs can help to show room availability at a glance. Instead of going to "Outlook" to check availability, simply check the large overview screen for an instant overview of all meeting rooms, see which one is available and go!

5] Know when the room is available or occupied

Who really bothers to "find and reserve" a room for a 10minute phone call? Most people just go to the nearest empty meeting room. A digital door sign lets you check instantly if it is available and for how long.

6] Book the room at the door 

Did you ever get kicked out of a room that someone else had reserved? Digital door signs let you reserve the room at the door to make sure you can finish your meeting without being interrupted and without someone booking it while you're using it.

7] Create a cool environment

There's no way around it. Digital signs with your company branding that help everyone stay productive are just plain cool. It creates a better environment and makes people happy.

8] Free up front desk resources

Since digital signs are providing guidance to visitors and others at your facility, front desk resources can now focus on other more important tasks than simply telling people where to go.

9] Ensure modularity and scalability

Now that you've decided to do this, ensure that your system is modular and scalable, so that it is easy and affordable to upgrade when you make changes or add more functionality.

10] Cloud

Ensure that you are covered when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. A cloud based solution is low maintenance and no additional resources are needed to set up the system and keep it running.

11] Improve company identity

Digital signage designed with company colors and logo improves the company profile and corporate identity, making visitors feel more welcome and projects a professional image.

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