Monday, December 15, 2014

Do you know how many meetings business professionals attend every single week and how much time people spent arranging these meetings?

Meetings are a necessary part of business and we’re in more meetings now than ever before.

What isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them.

At a company meeting organizers are tasked with getting a group of busy people together at the same
time and place. This may involve communicating back and forth with attendees via email or phone. Once everyone agrees on a time to meet, meeting organizers have to find a meeting room that fits their needs as well as order audiovisual equipment, catering, and other additional services.

When they’re finished coordinating a meeting, meeting planners may find that they’ve spent more time scheduling the meeting than they’ll spend in the meeting itself.

Do you know how many meetings business professionals attend every single week and how much time people spend arranging these meetings?

A study conducted by Atlassian suggests that 62 meetings are attended monthly by most employees. This is supported by Ovum in collaboration with by LogMeIn who report an average 17 meetings per week for Senior Executives.

Ovum reports:
  • Eight meetings per week, on average, across all employee types and company size.
  • 10 meetings per week for all employees above junior level.
  • 12 meetings per week for executive management and higher.
  • 17 meetings per week for VP, director and c-level roles in highly collaborative industries—such as financial services, technology, and media.

According to a study conducted in September 2010, business professionals spend 4.75 hours (that’s a lot!) of a typical workweek arranging meetings including ordering and booking additional resources for meeting as well as re-ordering and re-arranging associated bookings and services while meetings get rescheduled and relocated all the time.

With the trend focusing on Activity Based Workspaces the need for flexible, bookable rooms get even more crucial and the numbers of meetings per week will definitely rise.

Therefore it’s important that you focus on how you can improve meeting planning and booking of additional resources!

At AskCody® we cannot help you improve the outcome of the meeting, but we can make it easier for you to plan it. By our integrated suite of productivity tools and room booking solutions we can optimize the time spent on plannings these meetings.

Your organization as a whole stands to benefit from the implementation of an integrated meeting room booking software because meeting room management processes have a direct impact on your overall performance and financial standing. All meeting room users free up time to do what’s important to your business instead of spending time on cumbersome, unsynchronized processes.

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