Thursday, September 11, 2014

In a dynamic world the only constant is change!

So, how do you lead patients to higher satisfaction and employees to improved productivity - dynamically.

Today’s modern workplaces and ever-changing environments require dynamic and intelligent wayfinding and productivity solutions that conventional signage can’t provide.

Visitors arrive unexpectedly. Meetings change and move to other rooms. Patients need directions, but there’s noone to show the way. All meeting rooms seem fully booked but rooms are empty. Employees change desks and are hard to find. Meetings get interrupted. Misunderstandings, confusing routines, unintegrated and unsynchronized systems, and cumbersome techniques....

Ever experienced that?

Today’s modern workplace needs a fully integrated and synchronized digital signage and wayfinding solution that takes away the hassle of finding unoccupied meeting rooms and creates a more relaxed and efficient workplace environment. A great wayfinding experience gives a great first impression for visitors, while simultaneously freeing your staff from the task of giving directions, instead allowing them to focus on their job.

A total solution consists of many elements playing in harmony. 

From large overview screens providing general information about meetings and events across multiple rooms, dynamic meeting room signs helping people to improve meeting room efficiency, dynamic bulletin boards showing key messages to smartphone guidance with accessibility routing helping people find their way.

The key is to present the right information at the right time and place, thus making it easy for the users to find their way without any clutter taking focus away from finding their way or finding that available room.